Saturday, September 6, 2014


Hi all Happy Saturday!Hope you all had an wonderful week!For those who are wondering where am i gone I was struck up with lot of stuff will make sure to update blog posts regularly from now on!Let us jump into today's Pick Of The Day is my favorite versatile blazer This one blazer can be paired with everything dresses,Skirts,Skinny jeans,Formal pants,Tees,etc..Tailored blazers like this one always creates a shape and gives more polished look and looks sleek at the same time!The best part is this blazer is in color 'nude'which is like the LBD(little black dress) of blazers.This is so essential in any girl's wardrobe.

RIP Joan Rivers she was such a legend when it comes to instant wits&sharp tongue jokes & fashion sense.We will always remember you!

Price:$76.17(must have investment piece)

Happy Styling!
Be Inspired Always!

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