Monday, June 30, 2014

Resale shops – A Hidden  Secret In Atlanta Revealed !!! PART -1

Hi everyone hope you all are doing absolutely amazing.If you are in Atlanta you are so damn lucky.You know why? Let me reveal you a high fashion secret in this article.Atlanta is one those popular cities where you can get anything and everything for  very less prices.Do you wonder if its even possible?The answer is a ‘YES’.

Atlanta is filled with not only festivals,arts,attractions but also with vintage shops,thrift stores,resale shops,Do you know there is a separate street or place for this.If you guessed it right it is ‘LITTLE 5 POINTS’ in Atlanta,GA.There are numerous number of shops resale and vintage shops there.You can get anything from gucci,zara,louis vuitton to channel there without spending those thousands of dollars.Do you believe I own a lot of ann taylor and michael kors dresses for less than 10 bucks those are brand new ones.Its only possible here.

I will give a list of best shops I visit every week yes every week in the next post which will really be helpful.I want to remove a bad opinion about resale shops right here in this blog post from my own personal experience.

True facts which no one really knows about resale shops:
1. Resale shops need not be dirty and bad.
2. Resale shops doesn’t mean you will only have to buy used clothes.You can get brand new unopened dresses, tops,, books etc etc….you name it.
3. Buying in resale shops doesn’t mean you don’t have money.It is a new way that you are unique.You own things which other people doesn’t have.How cool is that.
4. Resale shops are not only place to buy, they are place to sell and make some real money for the unused items you own.I have done so many times.The best part is you can always combine coupons to save more and visit on the special days where they put certain colors on sale.
5. You can always get brand new designer wear.I have done that.Will let you know great tips on how?
There are two different aspects:thrift stores and vintage stores both are same in one way different in another ways from my view point.I will let you all know the every single pros and cons in my future blog posts.
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             Best Acne Treatment-Product Review

Hi Beauties hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.Let me straight away jump into the most needed product review.Every girl comes across this once in her life-acne.We all have those days we need a miracle product to fade away the scars and remove our acne.I myself experienced the same but wait till i found this amazing product in a cvs dermatology counter.

I came to know about Effaclar through one of the representatives in CVS Pharmacy.

Products listed above are:
1.La Roche Posay -effaclar astringent lotion micro-exfoliant
2.La Roche Posay -effaclar duo dual action acne treatment

The skincare regime follows like this:

Two times a day or one time a day first wash your face with a gentle cleanser i prefer neutrogena.

Then use cotton to apply micro -exfoliant just gently pat in your face-PRODUCT LISTED AS 1 ABOVE.

Followed by that apply duo acne tretment PRODUCT LISTED AS 2 ABOVE.(apply in small dots all over face and rub gently)

Then apply a sunscreen lotion(I use salma hayek sunscreen +moisturizer) ,any moisturizer /foundation of your choice.I also use a setting powder after my moisturizer.I prefer CoverGirl.

Same process applicable during night time before bed.

I followed this for 3 weeks and the magic happened.Perfect clear skin no blemishes no acne after that.

After getting that clear skin You can stop using it or use only whenever needed.

This is my personal opinion.It works for me.But it may differ for other persons. 

Now this line is available in target as well.You can also order online in

Shops to buy:cvs pharmacy,ulta,target etc..

Disclaimer:This is my personal opinion and how the product reacted to my skin type .This results might differ for other persons.I have a combination skin.You can consult your dermatologist if you prefer using this product as well.Its your personal choice.I purchased this product myself.This page is not sponsored or advertisement either.

Hope this helps.

Friday, June 27, 2014

                        TODAYS FASHION INSPIRATION

Todays fashion dosage comes from my favourite store Dolce & Gabbana.


Or you can buy similar item in the below links:(fashion always doesn't need to be expensive)





These are some of the similar items which is currently on sale.

Please comment below your thoughts.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to dress up a plain black tee

First of all I love plain tees.You can dress them up or dress them down.They are a bliss for the fashion industry.Its comfortable,easy to dress up.Here i share few of my tips :
  • Dress it down with a skinny jeans (color pants will be the best since it contrasts the black) with basic sandals,flipflops,colored wedges or pair of pumps .
These payless ones are great.


payless shoesource(now the buy 1 get 1 sale is going on,there is additional discount of 10% with the code ZZBOGO)

  •  Dress it up with a boho touch with a printed maxi skirt or printed palazzo  pants for comfy summer chic style.
  • Also add simple chain link necklaces /statement neck pieces and a big sized ring.
      For printed skirts /pants check out my favourite store loveculture

  •          Dress it up  with jacket/colored blazer-blue,teal green,red for the extra glam. 
  •     Also dress it for office appropriate with cardigans buttoned up.
  •     Throw a moto jacket on top of black tee or a jean jacket in blue for that casual yet edgy look.
  •          Dress it up with a printed pencil skirt to look formal.
    check out charlotterusse for best blazers at less price.
  •     Put on your jean shorts with black tee for a simple chic.Dont forget some suncreen,sunglasses and also a hat.It will make the look more preppy.
  •      You can also add a colored belt with strap for that pop of color.
  •      Try carrying a crossbody bag for a casual look or try some heavy duffel bags for sophistication.

(they have extra 50% off sale going on right now)

Happy Shopping!!!!Happy Dressing!!!!

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