Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who am I?

If you are the girl pinning your favorite fashion posts,Clipping those fashion magazine pages into your empty booklet,Always hungry -in search for new trends,fashion ideas,Websites...Scrolling through all your favorite bloggers outfit posts.Then this is your ultimate fashion inspiration page ONE STOP FOR FASHION where you will get to know about fashion -Designers,Trends,Websites,Sales,Shops ....You name it.You are in the right place then!!!!!

Few words about me...Im Akshaya from atlanta,GA.Im a fashionista myself.I love anything and everything abt fashion.I believe in dressing up like a princess without spending so much bucks.Im a penny chic girl.I believe being myself, carrying myself well no matter what.Every single styling idea posted in this blog including 'how to wear's are my own styling idea.Its my own styling tips or my take on that particular trend.Its my efforts of combining it into an outfit & solely my inspiration. 

For any style related queries,Business and PR Inquires drop me a email  to

Get Inspired Always!!!!!

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