Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Have you ever wondered why some designs and patterns are so popular in fashion,jewelry,home decor etc..Where they came from?What do they mean?How should we wear them?Well if you have ever thought about all those then this section of the blog is dedicated to that. I'm a crazy print lover.I love anything floral & Polka dots & Stripes & Chevron & Cheetah Print etc...The list is never ending....Today I'm going talk about the Chevron Pattern.Its popular everywhere now in Dresses,Bracelets,Bags,Pillows etc...

Chevron Pattern also known as Zig-Zag (Repeated pattern of zig-zag lines)can be dated back to 1800's used for pottery and rock carvings.The Chevron Insignia symbol is also indicated to give rank in Military.Now due to the popularity of this pattern we can see it everywhere.Dressing up Chevron is also very easy.Its a one step process mostly.If you are afraid to incorporate chevron pattern into your  wardrobe start doing it in small ways like adding a chevron bracelet or dainty necklace.

Let me know in comments how will you incorporate Chevron in your wardrobe?

Happy Styling !!!!!!

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