Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hi all happy Tuesday!!!!Today lets talk about suits.It never goes out of style.Suits always stand out for a powerful way of dressing in corporate world or fashion world anywhere for that matter.Suits are always polished and rich way of dressing.People who wear suits are always respected and adorned.Black & White is the standard suit concept.But nowadays color suits play a major part in the industry.It not only brightens the plain suit idea but also it plays as an instant mood booster which elevates confidence,ideas and work.

Suit Idea 1:

Adding a ruffle blouse to a bright suit enhances the look and brightens the mood.
Always wear a red lip with a bright suit.
Tinted moisturizer goes a long way.
Satchel bag is must have with suits.

Suit Idea 2:

All white suits-Head to Toe always looks polished & rich.
A pop of Color like Green always adds extra glam.
Don't forget some red lips.

Suit Idea 3:

Classic black & white Suit with a twist of modern choker for neckline.

 Suit Idea 4:

Courtesy:Roberto Cavalli 

Instead of Solid Color Suits its always fun to play with printed/patterned suits which will be an instant head-turner!!!! 

Suit Idea 5:

  • Another way of wearing suits is to add a collared shirt underneath your blazer which makes a statement and also helping in those colder days. 
  • Adding a chain link necklace preps up the look.  

Suit Idea 6:

Red Suit like Heidi Klum is so appropriate for dressing up head to toe in one solid color.

Suit Idea 7:

A pink Suit-Yes perfect girly look with that pink blazer and striped shirt.
Extra points for that Cool Hat +Sunglasses+Layered necklace.

                               Happy Styling with Suits!!!

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