Thursday, July 24, 2014

What I love the Most in Carrie Bradshaw From Sex And The City?

Hi all this blog post is dedicated to all the die hard fans of sex and the city's Carrie Bradshaw.There might be a million articles on her but i want to share my love for Carrie's fashion sense in this blog post.Hope you all enjoy it!!!!

1.She stood out in the art of layering PEARLS!!!!
2.She knew how to wear a tutu when everyone else in the world was like ewe...
3.She is the only one so far who can rock that newspaper dress!!!
yes newspaper!!!
4.She was so elegant (as always)in that episode in Paris wow such a beauty in that polka dot dress!!!
5.She mastered the art of wearing a flower (literally a very big flower)on top of her cute..

6.She introduced to the world the MANOLO BLAHNIK!!!!Shoes Shoes Shoes. Every girl must own atleast one pair of Manolos.

7.She wore a necklace -a dainty necklace whether its gemstones or name plated with her outfits.She can never wear a plain outfit plain..

8.She proved you can tie a belt to create a structured look on any outfit!!!
9.She proved big buns can look fashionable!!!
10.She told us even in a rainy day you can still look at your best just by adding some color, some pattern!!!
11.She is the only person who can mismatch perfectly the imperfect!!!

12.She is the one who made us wonder 'does those purses exist'?
13.She wore ruffles at its best form ...
14.She knew how to rock a slip dress...seriously?

15.She knew wearing hoodie on a dress never makes it less likable.
16.She wore a t shirt underneath a white dress wow.
17.She knew how to mix and match & look like a beautiful rainbow.such a great color sense.

18.She was all about big skirts.
19.She had a thing for FUR!!!

20.She knew how to style even her pj's(pajamas)oh my gosh ...pairing it with a fur coat..
21.She always wore colored or printed Trench Coats!!!!

Hats off Carrie Bradshaw for looking into fashion in a whole new outlook and rocking it all by yourself!!!

Be Inspired Always!!!!!

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