Friday, August 15, 2014


Hi all Happy Friday!!!!Weekend is almost here!!!!Today's Pick Of The Day features one of my favorite skirts of all time.This skirt screams summer.You can dress it up or dress it down.This is a perfect skirt for the petite girls out there.I'm a petite girl myself but that doesn't mean you cannot wear a maxi dress or a skirt or a sundress etc...You can where everything but you have to choose the right proportions and what looks best on you.Today's skirt also has scalloped lace hem which is a most popular trend right now.You might have seen scalloped dresses,tops etc...But this one is just so perfect for layering.Since this skirt has floral print going on try to keep the top simple like a solid color or simple tank top.If you are bold enough you can still pair it with a floral crop top.When I see this skirt i started thinking how will Carrie Bradshaw style this???It is totally her!!!!

Price:$32.89 now on sale 

Style Idea:
1.You can pair this skirt with heels or even sandals either ways it will be gorgeous.
2.If you want to dress it up Add a blazer or a moto jacket on top of the tank top.
2.Add lots of layered dainty will look so cute with this skirt.
3.You can also wear layered bracelets but let it be either layered necklaces or layered bracelets.If you wear both then it will look too bohemian.
4.You can wear a white tshirt or white top to go with this busy skirt.
5.Black top or tank top or tee is also a great choice.
5.You can also try pairing this skirt with any of the other colors on the skirt like green,cream,blue etc..
6.A white lace top will look so feminine.Lace on Lace is never overdoing.

Happy Styling!!!!!
Be Inspired Always!!!!! 

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