Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hi all Happy Tuesday!!!!It is an another beautiful day here in Atlanta!!!!Hope all of you are also having an amazing day!!!!Today's Work Outfit Inspiration is one of my favorite options to dress up on a Tuesday!!!!It is the Suit -With Suits you will always look polish,rich,perfect,elegant,professional,powerful and creative!!!!Suits are perfect for a meeting with your client,meeting with your team,meeting your boss,Presentations,Client visit,Those brain-storming sessions etc...the possibilities are endless unless wearing a Suit is an excuse to dress up on that lazy mornings!!!!Suits inspires us to get up & dress up at least that works for me!!!!There are tons of options from classic Black & White to Colored Suits to patterned Suits!!!!Whichever you choose to opt for wear it as if you own it!!!!That is the ultimate secret for looking fabulous in any suit!!!!Also the best part in investing in a great suit is that you can mix and match pieces from your pant suit either your jacket/blazer or the top anything.So buying a great suit is like an investment for years to come!!!!Just make sure of the fit by trying it in the shop!!!!You can always shop for a whole suit or I would suggest going for Suit separates and then mix it with your closet!!!!I personally love Ann Taylor Suiting collection since they are such great quality and great fit.

Source:Ann Taylor
Wool two button jacket:$198(always look for promo codes & offers)

Happy Styling Suits!!!!!
Be Inspired Always!!!!!

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