Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hi all Happy Wednesday!Loved every bit of Emmy Awards this year!Was able to see a lot of red dresses in the awards!I loved lot of looks from this years Emmy's and also was in total love with the clutch cam idea of This channel really rocks!I love every show in there.there. OK now let me jump right into the work outfit idea for today its the stunning stunning structured beautiful oh my gosh i'm out of words This dress is everything this light purple flared short sleeve dress!There is no better way to dress up for office!This beauty is from Zara again.This dress can be worn as it is !that is the highlight and off course if you wish you can always add a blazer on top.Do keep everything else simple just let the gorgeous purple stand out!Wear a matte lipstick or a bright red either ways you are good to go and rock the world!If you wish you can always add a statement belt to accentuate the waistline.Instead of wearing a grey/black/white (basically neutrals)dress to office it is so good to add some color to your office wardrobe.It instantly pop up the whole look.Wearing a solid  color like this purple symbolizes you are powerful and you take responsibility!Wow that was easy....Purple means power,wisdom,royalty.This is also the perfect one dress to wear for any any job interview!


Happy Styling!
Be Inspired Always!

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