Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hi all Happy Thursday!!!!Dressing up for the office seems to be the toughest thing to do in the morning for many of you out there.... really have you ever thought why?We need to decide what to wear before hand.There are lots of options in our closet.Thinking about office appropriate would be scary sometimes.What to mix and match.Will it be comfortable.How can i carry it well.Lots of questions for any working girl out there.Does this bag goes well with this outfit.Do i need to wear a blazer today or a cardigan etc..etc...Well not anymore I have got you saved.Just bookmark this page.Read my work outfit idea for the day.It takes maximum 5 minutes.You are done.Let me get started with today's work outfit.

A simple shirt dress can save your day!!!!It is easy for those rushing mornings!!!!If you work in a more conservative work place pair this polka dot shirt dress with a black stockings underneath.Black stockings can be found in target,walmart,forever21,rite aid even walgreens has good ones.Adding a blazer enhances the look and they are perfect for office meetings and team lunch.

This polka dot dress creates  interest because of the pattern and its tie front belt which creates a waist.Adding heels or even black ballet flats or even black boots would be office appropriate.This material doesn't even need ironing prior.Put your hair up on a pony or curl it or straighten it anything you wish to.No matter what you will look gorgeous with this dress.


Price:$129(there is an additional $50 off full-priced dresses going on right now)

Happy Styling!!!!!
Be Inspired Always!!!!!

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