Thursday, August 7, 2014

Who is a real Fashion Girl!!!!

Hi all Happy Friday!!!!Finally the weekend is almost here!!!!!Its time to dress up!!!!Being fashionable & Stylish can mean different things,different aspects for different people.Whatever it may be to you but do always stick to what truly it is to you.Never compromise on that coz its what you are!!!It makes you as a person,as an individual!!!!

Who is She???The real Fashion Girl!!!!

1.She always wears what makes her happy.Clothes has an emotional connection more than just being materialistic!!!Clothes has stories,dreams,emotions more than all A life to live in it!!!!
2.She is always confident.She never doubts her choice.She never gives up.She never stops dreaming!!!!
3.She will never step out without wearing a smile on her face!!!!
4.She is never afraid to try new trends.She is always ready to take a risk whether it may be in fashion or it may be in life!!!
5.She knows how to mix and match.She knows how to make the most of her closet!!!!
6.She always has her own unique style which is so her!!!!She is very creative.
7.She is powerful.She is special.She believes in herself no matter what.
8.She doesn't have to speak but her clothes does that for her.
9.She always wears clothes that fits,that feels good,that makes her think its an another beautiful day!!!! 
10.She inspires by her style and elegance.
11.She can be fashionable & Stylish & Fabulous in anything... in a thrifted dress or a Chanel dress.

Be Inspired Always!!!!!


  1. Audrey Hepburn has and will always remain a true fashion girl for me..she is elegance and beauty personified..

    1. Yup so true.She is a fashion icon always!!!!

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